Neha_Sharma_BlogHello there and welcome to Springy Shoes. I am Neha Sharma and I would like to call myself a travelholic. A communications consultant by profession, I have spent almost a decade in PR helping brands tell their stories. After all these years, I want to tell stories of my own travel experiences and in the process hear from people about theirs.ย Travel for me is not only a way to break away from work, but also to learn about life.

I love to explore different cities, cultures, mountains, beaches, roads less traveled – life beyond walls. I also love photography and enjoy capturing moments big or small in my camera. Though, I don’t think I am a great photographer but hey, what the heck! ย I have just about started my travels, but hope to share some interesting reads for everyone that may inspire you to travel or plan your next vacation.

I live in the capital city of ย India, New Delhi. Pure Delhite at heart both in a good and bad way, some would know what that means ๐Ÿ™‚ A total fashion fanatic and needless to say love shopping. In love with everything fashionable and fine. I find a sense of peace and solace with my travels.

You will often hear me saying – Don’t think too much just do what makes you happy, alive and kicking!

Lots of love

Take care and have fun!


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