From Nevada to Arizona – Four desert road trips you shouldn’t miss

America’s west is said to have some great road trips with stunning Landscapes. If you ask me, there is no reason to stay in Vegas, when there are so many natural wonders at a driving distance. Few hours of driving from Vegas will take you to Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, Hoovar Dam and of course to the mighty Grand Canyon (this is where you should be).

Four road trips from Las Vegas – 

1.Hoover Dam 

It is the highest concrete arch dam in the United States on the Arizona/Nevada state-line.  It is said that the amount of concrete that was used in building this dam was enough to pave a road stretching from San Francisco to New York City. Walk  all the way to the top of the dam to appreciate the engineering marvel that it is. This impressive man made sight is only a 30 minute drive from Vegas.


2. Grand Canyon 

The north rim of the Canyon is around five hours drive from Vegas.  If you have to describe nature’s grandiosity on planet earth, it is this place that does that best. I was in awe from the moment we reached. The spectacular panoramic views from every point at the north rim were breathtaking. It was amazing to see those rocks hanging at precarious angles. As I tried to look down, the mere depth & scale scared me and I could hardly move. From certain points you can see the Colorado River running down below, but from some others I bet you can hardly look down.

How to best explore Grand Canyon?

  • Hiking/camping – To be able to explore the real beauty of this rock formation, you must hike it out. Superb views, stunning formations and the rawness of nature are reasons enough for you to venture into the rocky depths
  • Helicopter tours – Highly recommended at the Grand Canyon.  It’s the feeling of soaring so high above the masterpiece and then gently dipping lower  between the rocky columns that is pure ecstatic
  • Grand Canyon skywalk – This is a glass floored walk right above from where you can spot the Colorado River. Try to not hold to the railing, so you feel the edginess of walking over a glass at the Canyon.  Though, I did find this a little overhyped. You can skip this if you wish.  To avoid the crowds, walk around to quieter places and enjoy the splendour of nature


3 Red Rock Canyon 

This is a different kind of wild from what you experience in Vegas. The rocks rise up steeply here, striped in different shades of reds, pinks and yellows.  All around the canyon there are quite a few hiking trails, get onto any to explore these rocks up and close. Hiking is always my favourite part. Red Rock canyon is very popular with visitors looking for –   hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and even horse back riding. From certain points at the Canyon, you can spot the strip and the city looks a lot of different from the distance.


4. Death Valley National Park

This is one of the hottest and driest places on earth but one of extreme beauty. It is the lowest point in America. Perfect for people  looking to explore the outdoors. There is a lot to be seen here – wildflowers, scenic hikes, sand dunes, lakes, mountains, and more. One weekend is highly recommended to try to experience this place.






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