All that glitters is Las Vegas!

The moment you hear Las Vegas, phrases like ‘Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ or ‘Ultimate Sin City’ immediately pops up in your head. Do you think that’s true? Well, could be! Vegas is whatever you want it to be. I have to confess though, the first time I was in Vegas, I was truly awestruck by the shine and shimmer of this city. But, every time I went back, I realised that you slowly grow out of all the glamour.

Everything in Vegas is grand and screaming for attention -Hotels, casinos, nightclubs, and restaurants. It’s like a carnival of sorts with an amazing mix of clubs, casinos, people, concerts, shows, and events. All the action in Vegas is at the strip. This famous ‘Las Vegas Strip’,  is a 4 mile glittering corridor flanked by massive casinos – hotels – nightclubs – theatres. At any time of the day, you will see people flocking at the strip.  Trust me, this city never sleeps and even if you decide to stay in the hotel glued to one of the poker tables & your drinks, you will no longer be able to differentiate between night & day.

My favourite place to stay in Vegas is ‘The Venetian‘ . This Italian themed hotel is widely spread out with some stunning replicas of Venice, luxurious suites – almost easy to get lost in this huge property. The hotel has the most amazing shopping mall and some signature restaurants, bars and lounges.

Embrace the cheesiness in Vegas and catch a glimpse of the Bellagio fountain show.  Perfectly choreographed, the show will flirt with you as you stand there. Seems to be much more effective on your senses after a few drinks 🙂

Once you have had your share of fun at the strip, I highly recommend heading to Freemont Street. This is actually downtown Vegas and was the original strip where it all began. It is popular with both tourists and locals. This street experience is amazing – it’s a full blown party with outdoor bars, live performances, concerts, roaming street artists and the most spectacular light show.

Apart from the clubs and casinos – something that you must most definitely check out are the shows in Vegas. Book your tickets online in advance, these shows are very popular.  The two shows that I have watched so far are  Absinthe at Caesar Palace and Cirque Du  Soleil at The Mirage.  Both are fascinating in their own way – Absinthe is wild acts (exotic and erotic) and Cirque Du Soleil is a musical tribute to Beatles that flows like poetry.

People say, you either Love or Hate Vegas. I am still to decide on that one 🙂

Some Vegas for you in pictures.

The Strip


The Venetian 


Freemont Street Experience




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