Roadtrippin through Madhya Pradesh

Have you explored Central India yet? You will be surprised to see what Madhya Pradesh has to offer. The state is known to be the home of monuments that represents  various periods of history. If you are interested in history, culture, heritage, forts, wildlife I have to say from personal experience MP will not disappoint. Madhya Pradesh also boasts of the largest forest cover in the country and it does get very dense. (I can say so since we lost our way in the jungle)

I am a fan of road trips, they seem to surprise you at every turn. Each time I am on the road, the journey becomes the destination.

Let me take you through my pictorial odyssey of the Central Province. Hoping it will entice you to hit the road to MP 🙂

Orchha (First Destination from Delhi)


Orchha is a small town founded around the 16th Century by the Bundela Rajput Chief, Rudra Pratap. The town is historically rich with many popular sites to visit – Orchha Fort, Ram Raja Temple (Only Place where Ram is worshipped both as God and as King), Lakshmi Narayan temple (beautiful blend of fort and a temple). Visit these places to see the architectural brilliance from those times.  Orchha Fort  is one of the most prominent structures in the town, it depicts the Indo-Islamic architectural styles and proudly narrates the story of it’s glorious past.

Where to stay? Orchha Palace 

The Fort in pictures


Temples in Orchha and their magnificent architecture, seen in pictures Raja Ram and Lakshmi Narayan temple!



Orchha to Bandhavgarh National Park (Into the Wild)

This is a very long drive around 10 hours. However, due to a collapsed bridge there was diversion and the detour took us into the wild. We drove through villages of MP, where people hadn’t seen a car, they seemed puzzled and amazed when we enquired our way. (No network and no GPS) In the desperate quest to find our way out, this adventurous drive took us somewhere along the Chambal forest area before we found the right tracks.  Well, finally after 15 hours we reached Bandhav Vilas, a gorgeous green property amidst the jungle. Sure felt happy and victorious, to say the least.

If you have a long and unfulfilling wish of spotting a tiger, Bandhavgarh is your best shot at it. The national park boasts of a large population of Bengal tigers and therefore is also flocked by a large number of tourists. Choose your safari wisely – full day, morning or evening. You have options of sharing or personal, jeep or an elephant safari.

Where to stay? Bandhav Vilas 

The Resort in pictures


The National Park (Nope! I did not spot any Tiger. Even after a gazillion safaris across the country, I am still waiting. Though, they say, everyone gets lucky at Bandhavgarh)


Bandhavgarh to Khajuraho 

This drive to  Khajuraho was without any adventure, straight one 7 hours. Khajuraho is a world heritage site and it’s famous for its’s archaeological monuments. The erotic carvings in Khajuraho depicting kamasutra is a unique art form. The temple complex in this historic town is a series of brilliantly carved buildings. These temples were built during the Chandela reign and are said to have suffered disfigurement & destruction by Mughal invaders. Out of the 85 temples originally built only 25 remain. Highly recommended to visit for its architectural brilliance.

Where to stay? The Lalit



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