Why Venice is nothing like anything you have ever seen?

“These are the streets where poems were written, where stories were born, where people have loved”

Imagine a city without roads, without traffic, a city that symbolizes festivities, where you see a fiesta all day but nights are extremely tranquil. Imagine a city with ancient artistic legacy, gothic architecture, renaissance palaces sitting atop a cluster of small islands. A charming city surrounded by canals, no roadways only waterways. A picturesque floating masterpiece that is Venice.

While the city looks like a magnificent gallery in itself, one stroll around offers beautiful palazzos, churches and museums. The traditional gondola rides is an extraordinary and spectacular way to see the city. It is amazing to see the gondolier navigate his way through the water, taking you to numerous smaller canals that gives a different perspective of the place and finally connecting to the Grand Canal.

From Gondola rides to dim lit dinners by the canals, the city oozes romance. This is one place that you should visit with your partner. The winding cobbled streets of Venice will amaze you at every turn, each time you cross that one little bridge a quaint isolated side awaits you. It doesn’t get more fairytale than this!

Venice remains to be one of the most popular destinations of Italy, hoarded by thousands of tourists every year and everyone looks like they are trying to consume some part of it all the time. There were moments when I actually felt the tourists have outnumbered the locals. Don’t let that discourage you from witnessing Italy’s little marvel, just remember to be a traveller and not a tourist.

My favourite memory of Venice was having a drink by the canal watching the sunset. It felt like an impressionist painting, the golden hour with colours so mystical, nothing like anything I have ever seen before.

This is a city you get lost in, it’s a ‘no list of must do’s’. Explore as you like!

Here is my pictorial version of Venice for you.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Roselinde says:

    Venice looks lovely as always, great shots! 🙂


    1. springyshoes says:

      Thank you 🙂 Yeah, Venice is indeed picturesque!


  2. springyshoes says:

    Thank you 🙂 Yeah, Venice is indeed picturesque!


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