Get monsoon ready – Complete guide to look your best in rains

It is that time of the year again, where you see water everywhere. Yes, it’s officially monsoon in Delhi and rest of the country. While I am not a huge fan of rains especially in Delhi as it reminds me of water logging, huge traffic jams and chaotic roads. This season to me is best enjoyed far far away from the city. But, what to do when you are in the city and need to look your best at work, college, outing with friends, dates and all the special occasions.

Well, here’s a quick dressing guide for this rainy season –

Hair Care – Humidity levels are high thus time of year that have an adverse impact on your hair & scalp. So, try to keep your hair dry as much as possible. Tone down on your hair styling products and stick to mild shampoo & conditioners only. Shorter hair cuts are better and manageable but if you love your long locks, go for hair braids & buns for a very chic & stylish look

Bun it up…Image courtesy Pinterest

Make up – To me, minimalist make up is the key to looking pretty this season. Use only the basics – a good sunscreen which is a must to protect your skin tone even if the sun is not shining, go for a water proof kajal and liner and complete your look with a hint of lip gloss. To glam up your evening look add a dash of eye shadow and mascara.

Clothes – Ditch the denims in the rains. Try out some fancy frills – rompers, polka dot dresses, floral printed jumpsuits, skirts, ankle length pants. Pair them up with light fabric tops. Mix and match your colors but try to avoid white. If you must wear white, be confident enough to pull it off

Footwear – While I am personally a huge fan of high heels, but for the rainy season strappy sandals & flip flops are a must. They are extremely comfortable to sail through the water logged streets. Please make sure to have your nails painted to avoid getting them dirty. To add some punk and style wear anklets with the flats

Accessories – Complete your look by adding some interesting accessories such as link chains, hoops, colorful handbag and hair bands. Oh and an absolute must have is a funky printed umbrella or a raincoat

I have picked up some looks from Pinterest. Check them out…..


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