In the lap of luxury – Staycations around Delhi

love quick weekend getaways, two quiet days away from the maddening city is
always a welcome thought for me. I am sure everyone loves the idea of
staycations. I love everything fancy, luxe and a lot of pampering for most of
my holidays. So, in this post I bring to you two perfect locations for you to
unwind and totally fall in love with everything around. Everyone  craving for some me time or family time or a
romantic getaway, head right here –

ITC Grand Bharat, Manesar

you are not in a mood to drive for more than an hour from Delhi, ITC Grand
Bharat is the most luxurious option right in Manesar for you. Being the first
luxury property by ITC, it takes luxury to all new heights. This is India’s
first all suite luxury retreat. So that means, it has only suites (100) + four
palatial presidential villas and no regualar rooms. The place is all about uber
luxury and visual grandeur. As you spot the property amidst the Aravalli range,
it looks picture perfect. I remember as the car pulled closer to the vast
extensive property, I felt I am about to enter some film set.

retreat introduced me to a new era of ‘unhurried luxury’; where time just
stops. What that meant to me was, not having to wake up in morning worried that
I might miss breakfast, cos well for all you lazy folks Grand Bharat has an all
day breakfast menu. Yes, wake up whenever you like and just order breakfast any
time of the day. No buffets, so just go to any of the restaurants and a hot
meal will be served on your table. I was delighted by the gourmet experiences
that include the ‘Aravali Pavilion’ (3-meal period
restaurant) showcasing Modern India Mosaics, ‘The India Room’ (debuting
Creative European Classics), the ‘Peacock Bar’ for amazing cocktail indulgences
and ‘Apas Promenade’ (featuring regional specialties). Oh and while you are at
it, please try the Cheese soufflé at India room. It’s the best I have ever had.

Like I said, it is all about luxury at this retreat –
it has a 27-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course,   signature Kaya Kalp spa and various bespoke
services to make this the most memorable stay for you. I also tried my hand at
Golf, with zero knowledge of the game, to begin with I was patiently taught by
the coach to hold the club. I did decent though by striking a putt an hour into
the game.

Go to ITC Grand Bharat to experience pure luxury and

The retreat


Bedroom at the suite


Living room at the suite


Terrace area at the suite


Treatment room at Kaya Kalp spa


View of the Golf course


The Tree of Life Resort & Spa,
Kukas, Jaipur

all those who are happy to drive for four – five hours from Delhi, an absolute
must visit near Jaipur is The Tree of Life. Away from the main highway and half
hour before Jaipur, you will find this property nestled among a vast forest
cover. As we drove closer, I spotted just too many trees and pretty pink tombs
of the resort. It was a splendid soothing sight.

resort is done aesthetically and has luxury villas with either a pool or a
garden view. We booked the villa with the pool, so I could just dip in the water
and enjoy the perfect weather. I was mesmerized looking at our villa, located
independently atop a tiny hill; it was huge – living room, a bedroom, walk in
wardrobe and the pool right outside. When I say indulgence, it is never
complete to me without a good relaxing spa. The best part here was that we got
the couple spa in our villa near the pool. They have the spa beds placed there and
if you wish you are welcome to get the spa at your villa instead of the spa
centre at the resort. No extra charges for this luxury. So a total thumbs up to

is totally one of the resorts, which will give you absolutely no reason to step
out. I enjoyed taking walks around, sitting and looking at the sunset in
extreme calm and serenity. Everything around was so green, it will make you feel
so close to nature. To make it perfect, they have a delectable menu that has
some mouth watering preparations. Like I said, this is luxury so if you do not
want Ala Carte, the Chef will visit you at your villa to discuss dinner options
that he can cook as per your desire. Marvellous ain’t it.

recommended for a weekend stay.


The Villa


Living room in the villa


The bedroom in the villa


Private pool at the villa


Private spa beds at the villa


The resort


Infinity Pool at the resort


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