Love for beaches & Rains!

Are you
the kind who avoids travelling during monsoon? Well, time to re-think.
Travelling during monsoons is quite pocket friendly with all the discounts by
hotels & on air fares. Plus, with lesser tourists around, you can be sure
of enjoying a leisurely holiday.

My love
for beaches is eternal. Two of my very favourite beach vacations in India are
Goa and Kerala. No surprises there! However, what I did not realize is that how
rains make the sea look ‘oh so gorgeous’. Yes, well we all have read or heard
about Mumbai rains at some point mostly the way monsoons in Mumbai are shown in
movies. But, let’s not compare this one.

Goa – The eternal love story

Goa – one of
my favourite holiday destination, tops my list for a beach vacation.
I have always visited Goa around Feb as that makes for a perfect weather to
enjoy the city. Except for this time when i decided to explore the city during
rains. We stayed at Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village in North Goa this time around. An
otherwise touristy destination, with the city bustling with people from across
the globe, monsoon season is relatively quiet. Rains in Goa are a magical
experience. Though, something you must avoid are the water sports, for obvious
reasons in the sea in this season. But, to make the best of this time take long
walks on the beach as you witness the skies turning grey looking so magnificent,
trekking up forts, bird watching.

This is
a also great time to let your hair loose at the popular nightclubs in Goa,
which in this season are free of the long queues.

As they
say, there is no bad time or season to visit Goa. Enjoy the picturesque city
during rains. Happy Viewing!


Vagator beach



Road to Vagator



Trek to the fort in North Goa



View of the sea from the hotel’s restaurant



Everything green at the hotel



Re-defining Kerala in rains

‘Gods own country’ as it is rightly called. This was my second visit to Kerala,
purely dedicated to experience rains. So, we decided to visit Kovalam which has
amazing beaches and the gorgeous backwaters. We made our bookings for a three day
stay at The Leela, Kovalam, one of the oldest Leela properties in the country.
The best part of staying in this resort was that the sea could be seen right
from our cottage and the private beach of the hotel made it ideal so there was
no need to step outside of the property.

Lots to
experience during rains in Kerala, enjoy the authentic south Indian cuisine,
some great walks by the beach, and visit to the waterfalls. Trust me, the rain simply
adds to the greenery and beauty of Kerala making it picture perfect. This is
also the best time to indulge in ayurvedic spa treatments to heal your mind and

in Kerala during rains is sheer bliss as i have tried to capture with my
pictures. Enjoy!


Way to the private beach



Rains and the sea






Bright sunny day and clear blue waters



Sunset at the beach and different shades of the skies





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