From Nevada to Arizona – in search of the Grand Canyon

you are done with all things flashy at Vegas, it’s time to hit the road for
some fresh air.  We made a day trip to Arizona from Vegas to check out America’s most
popular tourist destination – The Grand Canyon.


Here’s how to make the most of a short trip
to Arizona –


Hoover Dam
– On way to the
Grand Canyon we made a brief stop at Hoover. First reaction – Okay, this is
really huge! As we climbed atop the dam, I kept wondering how this mammoth
structure was built. We took a walk right at the top which is along the
Arizona/Nevada Stateline for some astonishing views of the depth of the dam. I
was intrigued to see the construction of this dam and kept bombarding our tour
guide with a lot of questions that is when he mentioned something very
interesting that the amount of concrete that was used in building the dam was
enough to pave a road stretching from San Francisco to New York City. One
can only imagine or see it to believe it.

Grand Canyon
– More than any
other destination, this is one place every tourist wants to explore around
Vegas. This is around five hours drive from the strip. You can leave your car
behind and hop on to the Parks shuttle that will take you to some majestic
viewpoints at the Canyon. I was in awe from the moment we reached. Truly, if
you have to describe nature’s grandiosity on planet earth, it is this place
that does that best. You see spectacular panoramic views from every point at
the north rim. I was amazed to see rocks hanging at precarious angles. As I
tried to look down, the mere depth & scale scared me and I could hardly
move. From certain points you can see the Colorado River running down below,
but from some others I bet you can hardly look down.

– To be able to
explore the real beauty of this rock formation, you must hike it out. Superb views,
stunning formations and just nature are reasons enough for you to venture into
the rocky depths

Helicopter tours
– Highly
recommended at the Grand Canyon.  It’s
the feeling of soaring so high above the masterpiece and then gently dipping
lower  between the rocky columns that is
pure ecstatic

Grand Canyon skywalk
– This is a
glass floored walk right above from where you can spot the Colorado River. Try
to not hold to the railing, so you feel the edginess of walking over a glass at
the Canyon.  Though, I did find this a
little overhyped. You can skip this if you wish.  To avoid the crowds, walk around to quieter
places and enjoy the splendour of nature


Hoover Dam



Stunning Grand Canyon

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