Whatever happens in Vegas, does not remain in Vegas                                                                       Las Vegas – The sin city

Las Vegas has always been on the top of my travel bucket list. And, I finally got the chance to visit Vegas this year. Expectations were huge, having heard and read so much about the city. When I reached I was able to relate to all the stories I had been listening about Vegas for all these years.

As the plane prepared to touch down at Vegas, all we could spot were lights everywhere in the city. Tall buildings lit up, lots of sparkling colours. Excitement started building up more as I spotted the tall green building from the plane that was MGM Grand the hotel we planned to stay.

It was late in the night by the time we landed but the place looked so vibrant and alive even at that hour. On our way to the hotel, I was thrilled looking around, my head was popping out of the window as the chatty driver kept filling us in about things to do while in Vegas. It looked like a carnival of sorts’ on the road. The idea of a hotel lobby was totally redefined for me. It was huge, nothing like I had ever seen before. It’s the energy you feel as you enter the hotel. Imagine entering a dazzling disco-lit world, casinos spread all over and centerpeice of the elegant lobby was a huge gold lion. I suddenly realised there was a unique hypnotising aroma, which seemed like a heady combination of perfumes, smoke, alcohol. I saw some really happy drunk faces all around.

Well, I was finally in Vegas.

Our Hotel, MGM Grand was right at the strip, so all we had to do was step out and experience the city. As many must be aware, of the famous ‘The Las Vegas Strip’, and for those who don’t it is a 4 mile, glittering corridor that is flanked by massive casinos – hotels – nightclubs – theatres. At any time, be it day or night you will see people flocking at the strip. Trust me, this city never sleeps and even if you decide to stay in the hotel glued to one of the poker tables & your drinks, you will no longer be able to differentiate between night & day. Most exciting experience gambling, it was my first time. And yes, I won at Roulette almost 11 times of what i put in. Well, keep guessing that is a secret I will never reveal.

I went crazy just looking at the number of people all around – dressed up ready to party. Oh, i spotted something very interesting on the roads – oversized ‘Souvenir cups’ and almost everyone was carrying one, sipping alcholol I assume. Sure, it might sound tacky as hell, but I found it difficult to resist the fun of holding one myself. And yes, while you are at it, make sure it is huge, so huge that people will doubt you can finish it without getting alcohol poisoning or whatever it is you decide to drink.

The most awesome bit is that all hotels are interconnected and have some great casinos & clubs, so all you gotta do is hop from one place to another. While cabs are easily available, the fun is in walking around to soak in the experience but that is only if the heels you are walking in are not killing you. I was awestruck looking at all the limousines moving around at the strip, considering I hardly have spotted any in Delhi.

While we were strolling at night, around Bellagio we witnessed the much talked about Bellagio fountain show. I was swept away by this breathtaking union of water, music and light. It just amazed me how this spectacular water feature was conceived to romance your senses. Perfectly choreographed, the show will flirt with you as you stand there. You can catch a glimpse every 15 mins. I remember we just stood there and saw it again and again for a long long time.

You know apart from clubs, casinos – something that you must most definitely check out are the shows in Vegas. After gambling, this is what I wanted to do, we watched ‘Absinthe’ at Caesar Palace and believe you me if you want to watch one show, make it this one. It is set up in a very cosy tented ambience and everything just happens five feet away – Daring feats of strength & balance, wild acts that are both exotic and erotic. I have just one word to describe this – BRILLIANT.

In Vegas, you always feel there is so much to do and so little time or so I felt.

Well, check out what happens at ‘The sin city’
























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