Sun, Sand & Beaches@Bali

The only word that describes Bali to me is ‘Exotic’. We visited the mesmerising land in February last year. Though it was monsoon time in Bali, luckily for us we were welcomed by bright shining sun and hardly witnessed any rain. It was a short 5 day trip, though i wish we had more time, so we visited Jimbaran and Lovina beach.

Jimbaran is quite close to Seminyak which is known for its’ rocking night life. The icing on the cake was our hotel in Jimbaran –  The Ayana resort and spa. It was right at the beach which gave you a perfect feel of the ocean.

The plan for this vacation was simple – soaking the sun and dipping in water. The beaches in Bali are absolutely breathtaking with clear blue waters for a super relaxing therapy. If you stay at Ayana, which you must do spend an evening at ‘The Rock Bar’. The lounge bar is an ideal place to sip your cocktail overlooking the ocean at sunset. It is a very popular bar and you will find long queues before you get a chance to enter. A perfect evening place with amazing music by the ocean, some colorful drinks and the lovely sunset. A perfect way to spend the evening!

From Jimbaran, we headed to Lovina beach which is a 4 -5 hour drive. Lovina is a unique black sand beach and most tourists also visit to catch a glimpse of dolphins. We stayed at ‘The Damai’ which means ‘peace’ in Balinese and true to its name the resort was serene and gorgeous. An absolute delight to stay at, we had a villa with a private pool surrounded with immaculate scenery filled with trees and a clear blue sky.

Something that makes Bali what it is, are the extremely warm people who will always make you smile. We mostly explored the market places on foot around Lovina beach as the scenery is magnificent and the weather made for a perfect walk. Bali is more than beaches, and as you walk on the road you will see magnificent sculptures around on the streets. Almost every shop is filled with these grandiose sculptures.

Words cannot express the beauty of this island, so we tried to capture it in pictures.

Where to stay: Ayana Resort and Spa, Jimbaran and The Damai, Lovina

Travel Tip: carry a pair of smart casuals, as some clubs have a strict dress code

Happy Viewing.

The Ocean from the top


The Ayana Resort and spa


Private dining area right by the ocean @ Ayana Resort and Spa


Stunning sunset


Private beach @ Ayana


 Rock Bar


Private pool @Damai, Lovina Beach


Picture perfect @ Lovina





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